Semmelweis iOS App

Learn to properly wash your hands

5/23/20221 min read

On March 2022 I published my first app in my personal Apple developer account and it felt great!

All those years I had been 100% focused in others’ apps and never had made time for my personal projects. That was making some noise inside me and my desire of having my own apps became stronger.

2020 was quite a year: all of us struggling with COVID-19 (among other things). We all suffered in different ways but also joined forces together for a common cause. We stayed home, we took care of the elders, we bought groceries for those in quarantine, we helped our children so that they kept learning despite they were not going to school, we prayed or meditated, we practiced or learnt better hygiene habits…

So I decided to make an app to give something back to the world, to contribute with my grain of sand in those bittersweet hours. That’s why I created “Semmelweis”, an application to teach you how to wash your hands, dedicated to Dr. Ignaz Semmelweiz, the father of hand washing.

What you get?

  • A step-by-step tutorial, with pictures and text to help you clean your hands in an about-1-minute task.

  • Voice instructions.

  • Music in the background (you can choose from 5 songs!).

  • SiriKit integration so that you create a Siri shortcut to start the app and the tutorial without even touching your device. So, let’s say you arrive home, tell Siri: “Hey Siri, I want to wash my hands”, and the app will launch along with the tutorial.

  • Setup notifications every 4 hours.

  • A timer to tell you how much time is left for your next hand wash.

  • Learning section about hand cleansing (why, when and how).

  • Dark mode too.

  • Available in English and Spanish.